Case studies

Out-licensing (technology)

A mid-sized pharma company had developed a unique technology platform to enhance drug efficacy. They were using this technology for their own pipeline but also wanted to market it internationally and had started a U.S.-based subsidiary for that.


FHR Consult was retained to refine the business and marketing strategy and to actively sell the technology platform to biotech and pharma partners. We worked closely with the U.S. subsidiary and parental company. After initial strategy discussions the marketing materials and messages were optimized. Together with the offerings profile, they were constantly updated based on technology progress and customer feedback.


Various activities (e.g. participation at partnering conferences and trade shows) and very active direct-to-customer marketing, employing the FHR Consult network, led to a significantly increased international visibility of the technology offerings. This also resulted in a number of licensing agreements with pharma and biotech companies which in turn further increased Company visibility and customer demand.