Case studies

Out-licensing (small molecule)

A company with a natural chemistry focus had a preclinical  small molecule program which addressed a promising new target and originated from an academic collaboration. They didn’t want to develop this into the clinic themselves because this would conflict with their business model. Thus, they were seeking a development and commercialization partner but were unexperienced in product out-licensing.


FHR Consult reviewed the project, IP and competitor landscape in the context of potential lead indications. We helped to prepare comprehensive non-confidential and confidential documentation and an electronic data room. We generated long- and short-lists of target companies, actively approached companies and managed the whole partnering process.


The program created a lot of interest but due to its early stage and type of target many companies asked for more data. The Company wanted to spend just limited resources for such activities and FHR Consult helped to identify the best strategy forward. Based on a combination of own new data and MTA studies, the Company entered into detailed discussions with several pharma companies.