Fritz Rudert portrait

Fritz Rudert, PhD — General Manager, FHR Consult

  • Founded in 2003 by Dr. Fritz Rudert
  • Molecular biologist and geneticist by training
  • 23 years of professional industry experience; 13 years in his own consulting practice plus 10 years gained in various managerial positions at international biotech companies
  • Built up and headed research, business development and IP departments at
    • Genesis Research and Development Corp. (Auckland, New Zealand)
    • Morphosys AG (Martinsried, Germany)
    • Xerion Pharmaceuticals AG  (Martinsried, Germany)
  • Numerous publications, patents and deals
  • Presenter, moderator and chair at many scientific and business conferences
  • Member of the Pharma Licensing Club Germany (PLCD)

Our Difference…

In today’s pharma and biotech world, deals have become increasingly complex and true partnerships and long term issues are more highly emphasized. Signing of a deal is just the beginning of a partnership and no guarantee for success. Unfortunately, experience shows that more deals rather fail than succeed.

Deal structures should ideally anticipate both, likely and not so likely scenarios. They also have to take into account the “human factor” and provide the flexibility and tools to “live” the partnership according to each other’s requirements and capabilities and to succeed as one “team” across partners.

To structure such deals, it is important to get an early understanding of the needs of all parties at the table. This is usually not easy and can be further hampered by cultural differences and sensitivities. We have helped clients from Europe, North America, Russia and Japan to master these challenges.

FHR Consult combines solid scientific and business expertise with international experience and an open mindset. This gives you the hands-on, real-life consulting support that can truly impact your business by helping to forge long-lasting and success-prone partnerships that fit into your company strategy.