Case studies

Business strategy and technology marketing

A medtech company had developed a powerful stabilization technology in the context of a medical device program. They were considering to market this platform technology independently but were unsure about market need and size and fit with their current business model.


FHR Consult analyzed the technology, IP situation and competitive landscape. During several strategy discussions it became quickly clear that the technology platform has an enormous potential also beyond the medtech world and that there will likely be an increasing market demand. FHR Consult helped to prepare marketing materials and to organize participation at conferences and trade shows. We also actively marketed the technology offerings with an initial focus on our industry network.


The technology offerings were well received in the medtech and pharma markets and FHR Consult helped to close several customer agreements. Based on that success, the Company decided to adjust their business model and focus on the technology platform. This resulted in a significant revenue increase and also two successful financing rounds.